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Une personne signe un contrat pour une maison

Your Trusted Real Estate Law Firm in Lachute

Cabinet de Me Bissonnette Avocats advises and assists you in your real estate law matters in Lachute and on the North Shore. We have extensive experience in property law for more than 30 years and help both individuals and businesses in the region by offering personalized assistance in the resolution of real estate-related disputes. We intervene in various domains such as condominium law, commercial leases, latent defects, demarcation and all aspects of property law.


Make an appointment without delay to tell us about your situation and your specific requirements by contacting us by phone or by email. You can also reach us by filling out our online form. 

Property Rights

Our firm will assist you in the procedures related to the following elements:

  • Enclaves

  • Rights of way and use

  • Easements 

  • Encroachments

  • Boundary marking

  • Acquisitive prescription

  • Etc

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Legal Advice

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